TO Help Preserve and Restore the Frances Perkins Homestead

Be part of the Frances Perkins Center’s annual Garden Party—a virtual event for 2020—and help support the preservation and restoration of the Frances Perkins Homestead, a National Historic Landmark.

The Frances Perkins Center is holding its annual Garden Party on August 16, 2020—and this year’s event is truly special.

Not only are we celebrating the purchase of the Perkins Homestead by the Frances Perkins Center and rallying support for its preservation and restoration as a public museum and educational center, but we are also making history of our own.

For the first time ever, the Frances Perkins Center’s annual Garden Party celebration will be an online virtual event, allowing our friends across the country and around the world to participate with social distance! Not only will this allow many more friends to take part, but it will also allow all of us to more widely spread the word about the importance of preserving the legacy of Frances Perkins and her work for future generations.

And that’s where you come in—along with making more content about Frances Perkins freely available for everyone, we are also encouraging everyone to help spread the word about the importance of supporting the efforts of the Frances Perkins Center to preserve her legacy, restore her Homestead, and make the home and educational programs about her life available to as many people as possible.

We recognize that these are challenging times for everyone, so we greatly appreciate anything you can do to help in our efforts, from making a gift to spreading the word with your own friends and family through word of mouth, email, and social media.

Three Ways You Can Help

Make a Gift:

Every donation made for the Virtual Garden Party supports the preservation and restoration of the Frances Perkins Homestead!

Spread the Word:

RSVP and tell your friends and family about the free Virtual Garden Party event on 8/16—everyone is welcome!

Create a Fundraiser:

Amplify your impact by rallying your own friends and family to give to help preserve the Homestead and the legacy of Frances Perkins!

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